Just Tryan It Race — Support Team Ali

Ali Acosta welcomes all of her schoolmates, their siblings, and friends, ages 6-14, to join Team Ali and participate in the Just Tryan It race. This is the fifth year her family is participating. Hundreds of kids from our community participate each year in this fun noncompetitive triathlon. The race raises money to provide financial support for children and their families struggling with the costs of cancer treatment.

Click here for details about the race. Interested kids can sign up to be on Team Ali and choose either the mini course for those 9 and under (SWIM: 25 yards BIKE: 0.8 mile RUN: 0.5 miles), a short course (SWIM: 50 yards  BIKE: 0.8 mile  RUN: 1 mile) or a long course (SWIM: 100 yards BIKE: 0.8 mile RUN: 2 miles).

Alternatively, families are welcome to make a donation to Ali’s sister’s page and help Juliet Acosta reach her goal as a member of Team Ali! Ali would love for her friends to join however they can.