Educational Philosophy

At Grace Episcopal Day School, we make educational choices in line with our mission and what we know works best for our students.

What Matters at Grace


Our commitment to diversity is deep and essential to our identity as a school with a founding mission to serve a student body that reflects Greater Washington. Grounded in the Episcopal tradition of inclusivity, Grace welcomes students of all faiths. Grace also respects, supports, and values diversity of culture, race, faith traditions, and learning styles. We believe that children who learn in a diverse community will value and work toward peace and justice.


Grace Episcopal Day School serves students from age 2 through Grade 5. We believe that all children learn through play and hands-on experiences. Our school is designed to celebrate childhood at each developmental stage, from early childhood through elementary school. All children at Grace spend time outdoors each day. Play is the basis of early learning and continues to benefit students’ social and emotional development through Grade 5.

Academic Excellence

Our rich and challenging curriculum provides a thorough foundation in fundamental academic skills, and our students develop a deep appreciation for music, art, literature, science, athletics, and language. Our caring, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere allows Grace students to feel safe while being challenged and taking risks.

Social and Emotional Development

We value social and emotional development just as much as we value academic excellence. We know as educators that a student’s ability to relate to and engage productively with others is crucial to achieving at high levels, both in and out of the classroom. In the interest of building close student-teacher relationships and bonds between classmates, we maintain small class sizes and a small school, ensuring each student is known, nurtured, challenged, and loved.

Character, Community, and Service

We believe in empowering our students in the formation of logical and meaningful rules that promote respect, foster personal responsibility, and strengthen our community. We consistently work to build and serve our community, both in and out of school, where God’s love and grace are modeled through our interactions with each other. Our students develop leadership, self-confidence, and poise.

These beliefs, guided by the Grace Episcopal Day School mission, inform our approach to all dimensions of school life, from academics to extracurricular activities to spiritual life.