Impact of Giving

Each year, 15% or more of our total revenues come from fundraising. This culture of philanthropy and investment in our community allows our students to be both embraced and challenged in an environment rich with racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic diversity. It allows our Academic Team to pursue learning opportunities that excite and inspire them, in the service of implementing a curriculum that is as innovative and creative as our students deserve. Your support matters, and we are grateful for it.

Results of Giving to Grace:


is our teacher-to-student ratio, ensuring students’ strengths and challenges are known.


is the approximate percentage of families who receive a Variable Tuition, ensuring we live our mission of inclusion.


of Grade 5 students go to Echo Hill, making thrilling memories and lasting bonds of friendship while learning about the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay.

teacherTeachers participate in professional development each year, enhancing instruction and ensuring that we are approaching learning from a twenty-first century perspective. Contributions have recently allowed us to send teachers to conferences about Math in Focus, guided reading, the Responsive Classroom, and the Washington International School’s Summer Institute for Teachers (WISSIT), focusing on Harvard’s Project Zero approach.

Your support matters, and we are grateful for it.

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