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As Head of School, my favorite way to introduce new people to Grace is to share what I love about us.

Here are my top three reasons for choosing Grace Episcopal Day School:

1 I love belonging to a remarkably inclusive school community.

In 1960, the early founders of Grace, members of Grace Episcopal Church in Silver Spring, were called to create a mission of education that would serve children from the diverse community of the greater Washington, DC area. They believed that an excellent and moral education could and should be accessible to everyone, and so they sought to establish this special community. We believe that our diversity is a key component to a more just and peaceful society.

2I love our teachers.

Our devoted faculty inspire their students to create a life that includes a strong sense of oneself, a willingness to seek more knowledge and understanding, and a commitment to the service of others. They create a rich and engaging academic environment that asks students to think and stretch their minds further than they thought possible. And they love their students. This desire to see their students grow combined with a strong ethic of care makes for a truly wonderful learning environment.

3 I love how our students learn.

Our Early Elementary classrooms resemble our students’ collective imaginations, changing with the emergence of their interests and curiosity. Academic excellence comes through in the classrooms and on the bulletin boards that line the bright hallway running from Preschool through Grade 5. Authentic examples of writing and artwork show students’ growing self-confidence and creativity. Stories in our newsletter and on our blog illustrate compassion, empathy, and a commitment to service. We live our mission at Grace, and the proof is in the experiences of our students.

These are my reasons for loving Grace. As you click through our website in search of your own reasons, please make sure to click through the admission section, where you can make plans to visit our school; and enjoy reading the Winter 2019-2020 edition of Grace Notes, our annual magazine.

We look forward to welcoming you to Grace!

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Jennifer S. Danish
Head of School