Grace Episcopal Day School Admission Process

Finding the right school for your child is a journey for the whole family. At Grace, we are here to guide you through that journey by making sure that you are supported every step of the way, from your research, to your student visit, to experiencing the warmth of our Grace community once you have made the decision to join us.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, Karen O'Connor-Floman, at at any point during the process with questions. We look forward to getting to know your family!

1 Research and Inquire

We invite you to spend some time looking through our website to learn about our approach to academics and learning, our inclusive community, and school life.

Ravenna manages our inquiries and applications for admission. You can log in, create a family profile, and choose Grace Episcopal Day School as a school you are exploring. Click below to visit the secure Ravenna website.


During our Distance Learning time, visits to campus are not possible, so I am eager to help you get to know as much about Grace as I possibly can. Please reach out to me to arrange for a phone call or video conference. This will be a time for you to ask questions and get answers, and to discuss what else we might do to introduce our community. 


Contact Karen O’Connor-Floman ( to find out about open spots in the grade you are interested in. Then complete the online application for the 2020-2021 school year in Ravenna.

4 Apply for Variable Tuition (optional)

In 2018, Grace Episcopal Day School became the first Metro DC independent school to launch a Variable Tuition program. This radical reinvention means that rather than offer financial aid packages to families, Grace offers a range of tuitions.

We welcome you to reach out to us directly for a more in-depth conversation about Variable Tuition and your family. 

5 Parent Conversation

Parent conversations are one-on-one and happen by phone or video conference after you submit an application. We will contact you to schedule a conversation once we have received your application.

6 Supporting Documents

Please let us know if you will have challenges accessing any of these documents during COVID-19 closures. We are eager to work with you. 

Teacher Recommendations:

Required for all children currently in a daycare, preschool, or elementary school program.


Required for children applying to Grades 1-5 and accepted for younger applicants if they are available.


Educational testing is required for all children applying to Grades 2-5, and accepted for applicants to other grades if available. Children applying for Grades 2-5 must take the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth Edition (WISC-V). Parents should contact a tester to schedule an appointment. Fees are set individually by testers.

Educational Testers (updated Dec. 2019)