Learning. Commitment. Belonging.

On our homepage, we offer these three words as anchors to guide you through what we consider the most important parts of our program: our robust and student-centered academics, our founding commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the warm embrace of our small, loving community. 

Now, more than ever, these principles inform our work at Grace. I see: 

  • Teachers pouring their hearts and souls into ensuring that engaging instruction is happening, however we are operating;
  • Administrators committed to making sure that every single member of our community has the tools they need to access the resources we are providing, and is able to learn and to thrive;
  • Our greater community engaging with love, empathy, support, and understanding. 

I am enlivened by the privilege of leading an admission team that is working harder than ever to get to know families who are interested in becoming a part of the Grace community. What is most important in our admission process -- and indeed, in our approach to education -- has not changed: the individualized attention that we can provide to each and every family who chooses to be a part of the Grace community.

As you travel around our website as a prospective parent, you’ll no doubt be drawn to the informational pages outlining the admission process, tuition and fees, and our commitment to a robust Variable Tuition program. 

And if you’d just like to get a feel for what a small, connected, loving school might offer you in these uncertain times, take a look at our Connected Remote Learning Page and the guiding principles that we are following. And follow @gracegryphons on social media for a more up-close view of how #gracegoeson.

Above all, I welcome you to reach out to me directly at karen@geds.org to have a conversation about what school could look like for your child. 

Right now, more than ever, we continue to believe that “the answer is Grace.”

Karen O’Connor-Floman signature
Assistant Head of School for Enrollment, Variable Tuition, and Communications