Board of Governors

The Grace Church Vestry has delegated oversight of Grace Episcopal Day School to the school’s Board of Governors. Board members include current and former parents, Grace Church members, and members from the community at-large.

Board Members, 2024-2025

Michelle Artz, Board Chair

David DiMartino, Vice Chair

Neil Grammer, Chair, Finance

Carrie Beaudreau, Secretary

Jennifer Danish, Head of School

Cortlynn Brewster, PA Representative

Anna Dunn

Jeff Forbes

Edwin Gordon

Denise Holmes, Chair, Governance

Erin Koepke, PA Representative

Elizabeth Muniot

Pastor Sarah D. Odderstol, Rector of Grace Episcopal Church

Edward Owusu

Denise Robinson

Alex Smith

Hilary Stathes

Sara Thorne

Will Turner, Vestry Representative

Christopher Williams