Spiritual Life at Grace

In the Episcopal tradition, Grace welcomes students of all faith backgrounds to learn together and enrich one another’s understanding of religion, spirituality, and faith.

Our Chaplain, The Reverend Susan Thon (fondly referred to as "Nana Susan"), is a vital and beloved member of our community. Nana Susan offers weekly Wednesday morning chapel to our Kindergarten through Grade 5 students, with separate chapels for our Preschool and Prekindergarten students to meet all students at developmentally appropriate levels. 


Our school community is open to and welcoming of students, teachers, and families of all faith traditions. Religious faith and practice inform students’ understanding of the world, of right and wrong, and of their responsibilities to themselves and to others. For these reasons and more, we believe that the variety of our religious experiences enriches the Grace learning experience.

Weekly Chapel Services

All Grace Episcopal Day School students attend Chapel together each week. Students in Kindergarten-Grade 5 worship together, and our Preschoolers and Prekindergarteners join us once a month for all-school chapel. They enjoy a special chapel for very young children during the other weeks. Led by the school chaplain, the service devotes time to readings, prayer, birthday celebrations, and quiet reflection. Each grade, Kindergarten-Grade 5, contributes their own prayers at Chapel once every trimester. A communal experience, Chapel is open to family, friends, and other community members.

Special Chapel Services

Grace comes together for three formal Chapel services each year. They are Founders’ Day, Christmas Chapel, and Graduation. Read more about them and other special Grace events and celebrations on the Traditions page.

Religion in the Classroom

Religious instruction at Grace is woven into the classroom as we tackle larger questions about how to live a good life filled with kindness, how to ensure justice and equity, and how to care for the world around us and the people in it.

Our Episcopal identity is essential to our identity as a school, and it informs our openness to learning about other faith traditions and the insights they bring into the presence of God in all things.