Through the Stars, Around the Moon: Spring Musical Photos

This year’s spring musical, “Through the Stars, Around the Moon,” was a journey through the wonders of the night sky. The performance on May 16 took a different shape from musicals in the past. Following the model of our Orff Schulwerk curriculum and musical learning, all students in Grades 1-5 collaborated to create nearly all elements of the performance. From the lyrics and movement, to melodies and rhythmic components, our students creatively contributed to the design of the performance.

The Orff Schulwerk approach is based on the belief that students of all ages, abilities, and interests can contribute equally in meaningful ways to create a musical whole. This approach to music learning, centered around creativity, group problem solving, and exploration leading to improvisation and composition, was pioneered by composer Carl Orff and his protege, Gunild Keetman. Many of the works in the musical were inspired by their musical models, from which our Grace students experimented, revised, and composed.

Thank you to music teacher Ms. Kristin Smith for her dedicated work, and to Grace parent Jenny O’Brien for her great photos!