Awards Chapel 2019

On May 22, we celebrated exemplary Grace students at our annual Awards Chapel. We had the pleasure of awarding The Drew Nealley Walkers’ Club Award, The Theolyn Wilson Music Award, and The Daniel Benner Memorial Award.


The Drew Nealley Walkers’ Club Award: Drew Nealley was an athletic, artistic and awesome first grade student at Grace. He liked to read, play with his friends, draw, and of course go to PE, but he really loved the walkers’ club. Although Drew was only with us for a short time, we remember his love of life and his ability to keep moving forward. The Grace community honors Drew in several ways: by participating in the Race for Hope each May, and also by recognizing the Grace student who has walked the most miles in the Walkers’ Club during the school year.The Drew Nealley Walkers’ Club Award recognizes perseverance and determination, and is another great way we remember Drew. Drew’s parents Eric and Sarah Nealley were on hand to present the award, which went to Marleigh Burns in Grade 3, who also ran the Race for Hope as a member of Team Drew Nealley.


The Theolyn Wilson Outstanding Student Music Award: This award is presented to a Grade 5 student who has had a solo in a major performance, has consistently demonstrated exemplary conduct in music class, and has developed excellent performance skills in singing and/​or playing an instrument. The Theolyn Wilson Outstanding Student Music Award is selected by vote of the faculty, who have seen and heard the nominees in performances at Christmas Chapel, the Spring Musical, and even assemblies, over the years. This year’s award went to Radha Chakrabarty. As a music student, Radha consistently demonstrates attention to all details of the music she is learning and performing, sets a strong example of excellent musicianship for those around her, and, most importantly, shows her love for music as a young artist. During her time at Grace, she has composed melodies included in our spring performance, shared her talents as a singer and actress on stage, and collaborated with her peers in classroom activities as well as in performance settings. She is a compassionate and responsible musician who takes her musical learning very seriously, while still enjoying herself in the process.

The Daniel Benner Memorial Award: This award is given to a student in Grade 5 who has participated on a Grace sports team and has exhibited scholarship, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The Grade 5 graduating class is a wonderful group of students who lead each other and their younger peers at Grace. We are immensely proud of each of them.This award honors a student who embodies the qualities of scholarship, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Daniel exemplified these traits as a Grace student and we are pleased to remember him by recognizing one of our graduating Gryphons. Daniel’s mother, Dr. Gurney, and his father, Dr. Benner, joined us to present the award to Isimbi Rurangwa this year. Isimbi is described by the faculty as wise beyond her years. She is a steady force who is true to herself and a good and loyal friend. She is observant of the world around her and embodies the characteristics of this award daily. The epitome of what it means to hold grace, we are continually grateful for this student’s steady nature.