The Grace Labyrinth

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the Grace Walking Labyrinth, generously funded by Class of 2023 families as a gift to our school. Inspired by a study of labyrinths the Class of 2023 did in Grade 5 Art with Mrs. Boritz and in mindfulness practice with Ms. Martucci, the walking labyrinth is now a permanent creation that is available for everyone to enjoy. We are extremely fortunate to have the assistance of professional labyrinth builder and Class of 2027 parent Lars Howlett to guide the design and construction processes. Students worked to carve out the design, and on Community Day, many members of the Grace community helped to lay paving stones as part of the construction. 

Labyrinths are ancient designs that have been found in disparate cultures. Walking labyrinths are meditative spaces designed to inspire reflection and peace. Howlett says, “Labyrinths create time and space to reconnect with yourself, environment, and community. With the stress and uncertainty of our day and age, many are turning to this ancient archetype in search of peace, healing and transformation. Individuals and groups use labyrinths to practice mindfulness, navigate life transitions, honor big events, cultivate peace and hear their own inner wisdom. Found in public parks, schools, hospitals, churches, and backyards, labyrinths offer a metaphorical journey for people from all walks of life.”