First Annual Celebration of Learning

On June 1, Grace held our first annual Celebration of Learning, a culminating event to uplift our students’ thoughtful, creative work from the school year. Faculty and students worked together to curate exhibits featuring deep, authentic learning. Topics and formats included a Grade 3 “State Fair” in which students shared food and facts about chosen U.S. states; a deep dive into Ocean topography and ecosystems in Grade 1; a cross-disciplinary study of a vegetable garden complete with a Farmer’s Market in Kindergarten; storytelling through art, music, and movement in PreK; an extended study of the effects of deforestation on the Amazon rainforest in Grade 2; activism channeled into art and writing in Grade 5; a “Celebration of Self” featuring perspective-taking and personal reflection in Grade 4; and, the joy of discovery and communication in Preschool. The Celebration of Learning was an opportunity to share our continuing commitment to deep, joyful learning with families and the entire Grace community. Our faculty’s dedication to student-centered learning through Project Based Learning, the Reggio Emilia philosophy, and Making Learning Visible informed the celebration.