Teacher Feature: Ms. Labarre

Welcome to our first Teacher Feature of the 2019-2020 school year. This week, we talk to Ms. Katelyn Labarre, Grade 3 Teacher at Grace. Ms. Labarre joined our faculty in the fall of 2019 and already feels at home in the Grace community. Ms. Labarre, we are so happy to welcome you to Grace!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m from Southborough, Massachusetts, which is about 20 miles west of Boston. I love going home to visit the city and see my parents. I’ve been in DC for almost 4 years, and I love living in the District: exploring new places, spending weekends in coffee shops, being with friends, and going to spin classes. My favorite place to vacation is Cape Cod.

How long have you been teaching?

This is my fifth year teaching. I taught for one year in a museum in Springfield, Massachusetts, then three years in DC, and now I’m here at Grace.

What brought you to Grace?

I really love the small community here. It’s a tight-knit place where everyone knows everyone, but always welcomes newcomers. I feel at home in a school where you can recognize all the faces and can name every child. Grace also seems like a place where everyone’s happy to be.

What are your favorite things about teaching here?

Everything I said above, plus the small group sizes and a community where you can have deep relationships with your students, parents, and families. I also love the campus and the outdoor space — it’s wonderful to be able to look out at so much green space through the big windows in my classrooms. The fact that everyone is so welcoming really helps, too.

Any surprises so far?

There are always surprises when you’re a teacher. You’re always learning something new!

What’s your favorite part of the school day at Grace?

I love Morning Meeting and welcoming everyone into the classroom. I also enjoy spending time with students at recess and during reading.

Complete this sentence: To be a great teacher, one must . . .

. . . have a lot of patience and a lot of fun.