It’s Sportball Time!

kids playing soccer

Grace in motion

“It’s sportball time!” — Ms. Rutledge
“Ummm . . . what do you mean, sportball?” — The rest of us

Have YOU heard of sportball? No? Well, our beloved Coach Rutledge — who herself is an active and pretty awesome softball player — explains that the name was coined by a friend of hers who faithfully came to see all of her partner’s many sports games. This friend was the world’s greatest cheerleader and team supporter, but she never understood the rules of the game she was watching. So when anyone asked her what game she was going to, she replied: “Sportball!” and felt that would pretty much cover it.

Sportball is actually a great way to refer to all of the action we’ve had going on at the Grace field this month and last. All Grade 4 and 5 students are eligible to participate in our fall sports: kickball and soccer. Physical skills from one game translate to the next — not least, the exuberant skill of kicking with both power and aim. So do the social-emotional skills of supporting teammates, losing with grace, and striving to do your personal best.

kids playing soccer

Playing goalkeeper requires a lot of courage!


kids playing soccer

Contemplating the art and science of throw-ins

With about 5 sportball games down so far, Coach Rutledge reports that “although we are not winning, we are having fun and improving with each game. We still have time to get some wins under our belt!”

kids playing soccer

A supportive group waiting for their turn on the field

Don’t miss three more great opportunities to see Grace sportball in action:

Thursday, October 26th at 3:45: Home soccer game against National Presbyterian
Monday, October 30th at 3:45: Home soccer game against the British International School
Thursday, November 2nd at 3:30: Away kickball game at Woods Academy (make-up)

kids playing soccer

Fleet feet

kids playing soccer


And remember:
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