Happy Holiday Greetings from Head of School Jen Danish

Dear Grace Community,

It is an exciting week of holiday merriment at Grace. Culminating with our wonderful Christmas Chapel, the school is buzzing with the excitement of the season. We’ve been able to light our tree in front of Grace, we’ve had a visit from Santa, and Grade 2 led us in some “Cool Yule” at assembly. There’s been caroling and much gift wrapping in Preschool and PreK. There is joy in our halls.

With our theme of compassion, I have had occasion to acknowledge a few students recently and thank them for stepping up to be good friends to one of their classmates in need of kindness. I have been touched by the growth I see in the hearts of our students and I continue to be grateful for a community that strives to help us all dwell with one another in compassion and kindness.

Whether you are preparing to travel, or be at home this holiday season, I hope you will have time to be in stillness with your children. Maybe you will bake with them, or share a story or two. Maybe you will see performances or attend services at a church. Whatever the activities, I am hoping that you and your children will have time to connect and share experiences with each other. My fondest memories as both a child myself and as a younger parent include those moments when I had time to really connect with my family. I remember my own children putting on “shows” with their nutcrackers for me each afternoon leading up to Christmas Day.

As I continue to watch the headlines and stories about young children separated from their parents seeking asylum at the border, I am continually grateful to our community for donating food to two families who have settled here with the support of Lutheran Social Services. In a time of such helplessness, it is inspiring to see these small acts of kindness and how they can add up and lead to greater compassion amongst us all. I know they are teaching our children how to be such lights in the world.

As we gather around the light that shines especially brightly this time of year, may we emerge from the dark, find hope in each other, and continue to lead our young children at Grace with love and compassion. I am wishing all of you the peace of this season. I look forward to being with you again in 2019.