Final Chapel and Grade 5 Prayers

Yesterday we celebrated our final chapel of the 2017-2018 school year. We thanked Ms. Sheldon for her dedicated service this year and heard a really interesting story from Reverend Susan about Good Samaritans in today’s world.

chapel chapel

We also had the pleasure of hearing our Grade 5 students share their prayers, all of which included personal recollections of their time at Grace and their hopes for our community’s future. We are happy to share their wonderful words with you below.


Dear Lord . . . 

When I first came to Grace I was in preschool. I stepped into a classroom full of smiling, warm faces and immediately made a friend. It was at that moment that I knew Grace was the place for me. I am thankful for Grace because I’ve made so many friends that I would never have and experienced emotions that I would never have felt. My life wouldn’t be the same without Grace. I hope Grace continues to be the place for everyone. Thank you Grace for making my heart a better place.


Grace is the only school I’ve ever known. I remember walking in for the first time holding my mom’s hand not wanting her to leave me here. Now I don’t ever want to leave. All my teachers have been very kind. Everyday I walk through the doors of the school and everyone is smiling. Every time I have a bad day, a teacher greets me with a smile and that makes all my troubles go away. Throughout my seven years at Grace, I’ve made many friends and those friends have helped me become a more confident person. I am very grateful for all the memories I’ve made here and I have more memories to come. This school will always be a part of who I am. Please don’t ever let this school change its heart. 


When I first came to Grace I was in kindergarten. I was always greeted with a friendly hello from everyone in the class. Now I am graduating as a 5th grader. I am still greeted by everyone in the class, including the teacher. Not much has changed throughout my six years at Grace. Well except for maybe where we sit in chapel, or in which school meeting we sing happy birthday in. What mattered to me is that the community stayed the same. I love this school because everyone is nice, so there is no need for an anti-bullying program unlike some other schools. In fact, I’ve never gone through an entire day being truly mad because I have so much family here. This school is, and forever will be my home. I hope the love here never changes.


Gratitude… that is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Grace. After my kindergarten visit, I walked out and said to my mom, “I think they like me.” Even after that tiny moment, I was still shown that kindness at Grace. It is that kindness that I am thankful for. I hope other people have those same moments at Grace.


When I came to Grace I thought it was tiny! I had come from a school of 800, meant to hold 500. But as I learned later on even though Grace was small in size it was ginormous in grace. I now have so many friends! Thank you Grace for giving me the chance to have many friends.


I have been at Grace for four amazing years. Since second grade I have had so many great experiences such as Echo Hill and the spring musical, that I’ve loved and had a lot of fun doing. Here at Grace you will always be loved and cared about. That is why I have always been happy here at Grace. I hope this place never changes and it stays the wonderful place it is.


When I first came to Grace in second grade, that moment a very friendly classmate greeted me, and voila! I loved Grace! Later, I made a lot of friends and everyday a teacher greeted me with a smile! While being here for four years, I have NEVER felt sad at Grace. A fond memory I will keep is Echo Hill. That is where the class got together to do many fun activities like going on night walks. I am thankful for how small Grace is and I hope Grace will pass down its traditions.


I have been at Grace for four long years. From visiting and making new friends to here in fifth grade. Truly if I wanted one thing to change at Grace, it would be that more people could come, so hen more people could have friends just like us. The things that I love about Grace are that people have many friends and the school’s diversity. Everyone is different in every way, such as the things that we like. Thank you for bringing me into this mighty family.


I have been at Grace since second grade, but I feel like I’ve been here forever. One thing I’ll never forget is my first P.E. We played military magic ball, and I quickly realized this was the school for me. I knew I would make many long lasting friends. Besides other schools don’t play games in PE. I really hope this school stays unique, because everyone knows Grace is a very special place.


When I first came to Grace in third grade I didn’t know anyone here, but after just a couple days I was at home with each person in my class. In my first year many things were interesting for me such as my teacher and my classes. Thank you everybody for all the experiences, friendships, and knowledge. Grace, I hope you never change.


When I came to Grace I was nine years old and ready to take on the third grade. Now, I’m eleven and preparing to leave Grace and take on life as a sixth grader. This school helped turn me into a better person; everyone was generous and full of amazing energy. Even the teachers had this amazing outlook on life that encouraged me to see my glass as half full, not half empty. To the teachers, thanks for all you’ve done. I know I’m going to miss this place.


The day I walked into Grace I didn’t know anyone. When I walked in the fourth grade classroom, I met everyone and I even made some friends. I loved Grace more than my old school. I met most of the 5th and 3rd graders my first day. I made so many friends. I hope this school will stay here forever. I have another wish: that everyone experiences joy and kindness. Also I hope other students will make lots of friends at Grace. I know Grace will be my home forever.

Lord in your mercy.