Chaplain’s Corner, September 2019

Chapel got off to a great start today for both our older and younger children. We are so lucky to have “Nana Susan” as our Chaplain. Here is her message about Chapels for this year:

The theme for our first Chapels was, appropriately, “What Is Chapel?”  The short answer is that Chapel is a special time we set aside to be with God and each other, to be together as Beloved Community. We talk to God (in prayer and song), listen to God, and hear stories of God. Chapel is a holy time and space at the heart of our school.  It takes place in the middle of the week, in a space in the center of the school, where we celebrate together and grow as a Beloved Community.

In Kindergarten-5 Chapel, after our opening hymn, Mr. LaPietra led us in mindfulness practice following the ringing of his singing bowl.  Ms. Danish led everyone in the Grace School prayer: “Dear Lord, open my eyes to see what is beautiful, my mind to know what is true, and my heart to love what is good.”  Ms. Smith taught a reflective hymn, “Open My Heart.”  As always, we celebrated birthdays with a special song and prayer.  Ms. Smith led us in “The Irish Blessing,” our closing hymn, and the Blessed Community went forth in peace.

Preschool and Prekindergarten students were introduced to the songs and prayers we use each week. We also celebrated early September birthdays, and closed with “This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made.”  Students and teachers went forth in peace.

My hope for everyone who is in chapel — students, faculty, staff and families — is that at some time this year, you will know in your whole being that God is with you in that moment, and you will begin to know that this is true always, in every moment. Whether you are thinking of God or not, God is always with you.

Parents are always welcome at Chapel on Wednesdays.  Kindergarten – Grade 5 chapel starts at 8:50 in the MPR.  Early Childhood Chapel is in the Library at 9:30 a.m. Both Chapels last 20 minutes. Please join us!