Grace hosts AIMS Variable Tuition Session

Grace was honored to be the host of an AIMS (Association of Independent Maryland Schools) seminar for member schools on Thursday, October 25, 2018. The subject was our innovative Variable Tuition program, which we began last year in October 2017 and which aims to ensure that each Grace family’s tuition is in line with that that family can afford to contribute.

As the first school in the DC Metro area to introduce such a program, and recently featured in the Washingtonian Magazine’s Oct. 2018 issue, the Grace team had a lot to share with their colleagues. Head of School Jennifer Danish, CFO Kathleen Murray, and Director of Admission and Variable Tuition Karen O’Connor-Floman shared their journey in introducing Variable Tuition at Grace, from initial research to full implementation. About 30 school administrators attended from 20 area schools.

We enjoyed sharing our process with our colleagues and discussing the ways that our program has helped ensure that Grace is an inclusive socioeconomic community approaching our goal: that all families are making an equitable contribution to their child’s education, which makes all families equal contributors to school life.