Addressing Water Pollution: Engineering Design Thinking in Action

This year at Grace, our integrated unit topic is water. With such a big topic, we have a lot of avenues to explore, and we’re looking forward to seeing where the students go with it.

During assembly last week, our teachers performed a skit that addressed water pollution. It got our students thinking about how water pollution occurs and builds up over the years.

In science, our Kindergarteners were tasked with the very important job of cleaning up the polluted water. The students connected this polluted water to their observation of the water they encountered during their hike in the woods. The students then followed the steps of the engineering design process to build a filter to clean the water:

1. Ask questions.

2. Imagine solutions.

children in class

3. Plan your idea.


4. Create your product.

children in class

5. Test and Improve your product.

children in class