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School Year 2021-2022 Operational Update

Thank you to everyone who filled out our recent survey about the next school year and the transition back this spring. 81% of our families responded, and we are thrilled to know that families across the board feel deep confidence in our ability to provide a safe in-person program for our Gryphons. 

We are grateful for the feedback and most importantly, for your trust in us to reopen Grace this winter and spring. We are continually amazed by our students’ resilience and stamina as they endure screenings, testing, temp checks and wearing masks all day. We have learned a great deal about how to be in person and to remain safe in this pandemic. Taking what we have learned and considering current guidance and protocols, we offer some decisions now in place for fall 2021. Please see the attached PDF for the most important points about our fall operational plan. 

Click the link to read the most important points about our School Year 2021-2022 Planning

School Year 2021-2022 Planning Slideshow
School Year 2021-2022 Planning Slideshow (1)
School Year 2021-2022 Planning Slideshow (2)

At Grace, our approach to education is intensely personal: hands-on, individualized, and supportive. No matter our learning phase for the school year, we believe that preserving and strengthening relationships and connections must come first.

What drives us as we make the best decisions for our community: 

  • The health and safety of the entire Grace community: students, faculty, and parents
  • Designing for flexibility and adaptability
  • Our commitment to equity and inclusion
  • Ensuring robust learning and academics, and keeping the teacher/student relationship at the center
  • Preserving a caring community, and maintaining connections

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